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Designed especially for you

Let Regina’s Bay Bakery make your wedding day dreams come true, by giving you the wedding cake you always dreamed of. We can design a wedding cake that will go perfectly with the theme of your wedding. Our passionate bakers will work with you to create the perfect wedding cake to go along with a perfect wedding.

The ingredients you want

Elaborate Design Butter cream

chocolate or vanilla cake, Regina's cheesecake,

choice of filling, choice of finish, elaborate design


Chocolate or Vanilla Cake

buttercream filling, buttercream finish, light decoration

$3.25 per person

Moderate Decoration Buttercream

chocolate or vanilla cake, choice of filling, buttercream finish, moderate design


Basic Fondant

chocolate or vanilla cake

choice of filling and finish, moderate design

$3.75 per person

Basic buttercream

Complete Custom Cake

A brief description of the item above.

$4.25 - $5.25

per person

specialty sculptures and embellishments

(minimum $250 charge)

$5.25 - $6.25

per person



$6.25 - $10.25 per person



Basic buttercream



• Butter

• Chocolate

• Chocolate buttercream

• Layered

• Carrot

• Red velvet

• Cheese cake

• Lemon/lemon poppy






Fillings and finishes


Call today to make your wedding day dreams come true!


You can count on us to give you the results you’re looking for, with decades of experience baking cakes from scratch that taste great and look beautiful. We only use high-quality ingredients in our cakes when you order from Regina’s. From fillings to flavors for your special day, we will give you a cake that tastes as well as looks perfect. Don’t settle for anything less on an important day as your wedding day.

Prices subject to change


Decorated and filled

Mini cupcakes




• Raspberry

• Strawberry

• Butter cream

• Cream cheese

• French cream

• Fudge

• Key lime

• Lemon

• Apricot

• Custom

• Chocolate buttercream

• Custard buttercream

• Chocolate custard


• Chocolate ganache

• Chocolate buttercream

• Hazelnut buttercream

• Bailey's buttercream

• Italian buttercream

• Butter cream

• Fudge

• Fondant

• Cream cheese (seasonal)

• Custom

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